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We started with a prayer group meeting in the pastor’s home in the summer of 1990. Our first public worship service was in September of 1990. We started out with a very small group. Some months our average worship attendance was 15 or less!    The Lord has blessed, and we have seen continued steady growth. We formally organized and constituted as a church in December, 1998.


In 1999, we signed a lease and moved into our “Storefront” location on Sheyenne Street. It was a step of faith, and the rent payment of $850 per month seemed like an impossible amount. But the Lord blessed and we continued to grow in membership and faithfulness. While in the storefront, we established regular Wednesday Evening Bible Study and prayer services. We also succeeded in conducting Vacation Bible School and other ministries entirely on our own, without help from other churches. During this time, we prayed constantly and looked around for a more permanent meeting place.


In the fall of 2003, God opened the door for us to purchase our current facility. It was another miracle of God’s provision, and we continue to grow in maturity and numbers. In 2008, all support from our denomination ended, and we became a self supporting congregation.  Our current average worship attendance is 50. We have seen many lives touched and changed by the love of Jesus. We have seen 124 people baptized in obedience to Jesus. We have sent $219,000 to the support of missions around the world. We are learning and growing together day by day trusting God to lead us in to a future. Living Hope is an intentional church plant (not a split from another church!) Our “mother” church is Temple Baptist in north Fargo. We maintain a very warm working relationship with Temple and other sister churches in the area.