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I never had this big “aha” moment. Faith was never something that hit me like a ton of bricks. Before I found Jesus I was just living day to day not knowing why, but knowing that there is “something” out there that created me for a reason. Prior to getting married, my husband and I began to learn and follow what the Bible says about marriage. This led me to follow Jesus. It is powerful to know that all the sins that I have ever committed and will continue to commit are forgiven. I have changed by allowing myself to be more selfless in my actions. I trust in something I cannot see, but I can see change in my life every day.



I used to live only for myself until I met my wife.  She loved me and wanted to marry me.  We both came from broken families with plenty of divorces, so it was hard for me to actually believe in marriage.  I did some investigating on what marriage actually was and where it came from.  I ended up reading the Bible and going to church. I found my Savior and married that girl who I believe saved my life.  We have a strong marriage that was built on Jesus as our foundation.  I once was lost, but now I see the world much more clearly.




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